Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of living in or visiting Kelowna recognizes immediately the beautiful climate and abundant fields of orchards and agriculture. A tourist hot spot in the summertime Kelowna see’s tens of thousands of visitors from all over Canada, North America, and beyond.

Even though the population doubles from a modest 125,000 annually to almost 250,000 during the months of June, July and August, the Okanagan City of Kelowna still manages to keep a small town feel once you are outside of the main traffic area that huge the main highway that cuts a swath of traffic through the centre of the city.

Kelowna Business

The influx of tourists, many of which are professionals in the off season, put those Kelowna businesses in a unique position. Many of the cities visitors are friends or family of existing residents. So, unlike many other worldwide tourist hot spots, this means that the visitors are likely to return again year after year or, in the least, stay a length of time that is longer than the usual stay that one might participate in if they were visiting the Eiffel tower or the Egyptian pyramids.

A local chiropractor clinic, dentist office, lawyer, roofer or any other small business can benefit from new customer diversity. People on holidays are acting outside of their usual routines and therefore are very likely to be buyers of new services. This mean they are likely to search online to fill in their immediate requirements.

Ever twisted your back while out tubing on the Shuswap’s lakes? Well, your chiropractor from back home is probably not going to make the trip to you so finding a new one for the two weeks that you stay in Kelowna might be a good idea. Our city is full of every business service you might need.

marketing Kelowna Business

Maybe the searcher is just looking for the closest liquor store to find a 6 pack so they can float down the river. Is your local business being found in the searches? Your Kelowna business would do well to use a solid Digital Marketing SEO Agency to make the best use of the tourist inflow.