Intercultural Society of the Central Okanagan

The Central Okanagan is a growing and vibrant region enriched by the diversity of its people. Promoting intercultural conversation and inclusion are key components to the forward progress of our social and economical harmony.  ISCO – Intercultural Society of the Central Okanagan – aims to serve as a catalyst in enhancing mutual understanding and respect in the cultural landscape as our region continues to build upon an open progressive mindset. ISCO is part of the mosaic that shares, celebrates and claims our humanity through our traditions and cultural identities.

About Us

ISCO’s Goals are to:

  • foster and promote harmonious interactions within our various and growing cultural communities;

  • improve and develop relationships with groups and organizations that celebrate our vast diversity;

  • connect our communities through shared values and on common ground;

  • encourage celebration of our cultural diversity in our personal lives, communities and businesses.

ISCO’s Core Values:

  • •Acceptance
  • •Education
  • •Diversity
  • •Advocacy


The Intercultural Society of the Central Okanagan has been serving our community since 2002. Our initial mandate was to ensure access to language training, settlement and any other training or services to assist immigrants to participate fully in Canadian society. ISCO believes that the culture and ethnicity of all people in the community desire respect and that everyone must be offered the opportunity to integrate fully into mainstream society.

Our Staff & Board of Directors

Board of Directors