ISCO’s Mandate

Our mandate is to ensure access to language training, settlement and any other training or services to assist immigrants to participate fully in Canadian society, and:

  • Support ethnic groups
  • Organize cultural programs and events
  • Promote tolerance of other cultures and ethnic groups by all
  • Help newcomers to Canada embrace Canadian values
  • Oppose racism

We invite like-minded people to join our membership, ensuring the success of our objective to strengthen and maintain the spirit of friendship and tolerance now existing in our community.


We Also have Fun

ISCO members enjoy socializing with people from other parts of the world. We share the diverse experiences and get firsthand knowledge on basic, everyday activities, food and the arts.

We offer friendship to new immigrants and help them adapt to life in Canada—be it through conversation and English language practice, assistance with shopping, enjoying activities together, or simply lending a sympathetic ear.

We are volunteers who organize and participate in special events such as Canadian Multiculturalism day, International Day for the Elimination of Racisim, and Folkfest. These are just a few of the opportunites where we can work toward a healthy, prosperous, community life, in which everyone lives in harmony and peace.